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* '''8 June 2019''' Pentecost race - Hitchhiking: Starting from Dresden, Germany we hitch hike around 400km to a wonderful, yet still secret destination that will be announced at the start of the event. Although strictly, it's a race, we basically hitch hiking for fun and for the sake of meeting new people. Around 50 teams/100 participants can join. Visit our website [] for more information/to join!
* '''22 - 24 June 2019''' 6th Swiss Hitchhiking Championship: As every year we will start in the little bilingual town Fribourg (not to confound with Freiburg in Germany ;) ) and will hitchhike in teams of 2 people to a surprise destination. Participation is free. Register here []
* '''3 - 11 August 2019''' After traveling Istanbul, Lisbon, Palermo, Thessaloniki, Baku and the cold North Cape last year, we will hitchhike this year from Gdańsk(Poland) to Santiago de Compostel(Spain). free, cool people, big adventure [ 8. European Hitchhike Competition]

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