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The country's car license plate system is very specific: the colour states the status of the ownership (''Blue'' for Private Ownership/ ''Black'' for Government / ''Orange'' for Businesses or NGOs / ''Red'' for Taxis). The NGOs plate always starts with a number ''(generally 35, other numbers simply specify the origins of the local organisation)'' while ''' ''CD ''' (in White/Yellow/Black)'' represents embassies and diplomatic cars with the first number specifying the country of origin. The 2 letters of the region of registration also appears on the license plate, both in Latin alphabet and local Amharic; As example, ''AA'' stands for Addis Ababa.
Update 2018: The license plate has changed a bit. First off, it is the letters and numbers that are colored and not the plates themselves. Secondly, a new green color has been introduced and it wasn’t clear what it meant. A number of types of vehicles seemed to have it from private cars to buses. And taxis didn’t seem to be exclusively red.
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