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Ethiopia is a fairly safe country, however the ''faranji'' frenzy will definitely quickly become an annoyance as you travel throughout the country. Theft is pretty unheard of even in the cities. The children in much of Ethiopia are totally insane and will just start screaming upon seeing a foreigner. Children in the rural areas on West Amhara being the worst and will often just start throwing rocks at people and/or following in a large crowd.
One of the hardest parts about traveling Ethiopia is finding a place to sleep. Much of the country is densely populated. In Amhara and Tigray people are extremely suspicious of people walking on to their land of or forests toward night time and may call the village to intervene. Hotels are about 50-60 birr (2.50$-3.00) for a single person and 70-80 for two people. The prices are higher in Addis Ababa and the eastern cities. Maybe fifty percent of the hotel rooms have bedbugs so I'd learn the signs and check before buying a room. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church traditionally keeps forested space near their churches and these can sometimes be slept in.
The police don't have much of a corruption problem and only seem to intrude heavily on the traveler's life in much of Benishangul-Gumuz.

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