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*: Update: In November 2016, [[User:Hippietrail|Hippietrail]] ([[User talk:Hippietrail|talk]]) found this whole area too busy with city buses and nowhere safe to pull over within blocks of the onramp, and a no pedestrians sign up the onramp itself.
* '''G4 Highway (alternate)''': Take Line 1 Metro to Airport East Station, and walk south to Xinghua Rd. at [22.6429N, 113.8228E], and go east, crossing the Guangshen Hwy over the footbridge, continue along this road [22.645N, 113.8307E] until you go under the G4, then turn left at that first dirt road, and you will see the toll gate on the left.
=== North towards [[Shanghai]], [[Beijing]] ===
Go to Shangshuijing Metro Station or take any of these buses as near to the toll gate at [22.635N, 114.1E] as possible: 123, 307, 312, 321, 380B, 812, 980, K105, K359, K545, M244, M267, M268, M269, M271, M272, M281, M309, M310, M346, M378, M385, M408, M414, M421, N19, 新西湖快线, 高峰专线25, 高峰专线79. Reach this point here [22.6339N, 114.0983E] on the road underneath, and you will see a climb-up East-North-East, and the toll gate on the left.

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