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== Hitchhiking out ==
=== North towards [[Guangzhou]], West towards [[Zhongshan]], [[Nanning]], [[Kunming]], [[Tibet]], [[South-Eastern_Asia|Southeast Asia]] ===
* '''G4 Highway''': Take the subway to Zhuzilin (竹子林) station (on the green line). After exiting from exit B2, walk underneath the highway to get to the G4 onramp in the Guangzhou direction. Some drivers will ask for money, but if you are patient enough you can most certainly get a ride for free.
*: Update: In November 2016, [[User:Hippietrail|Hippietrail]] ([[User talk:Hippietrail|talk]]) found this whole area too busy with city buses and nowhere safe to pull over within blocks of the onramp, and a no pedestrians sign up the onramp itself.
* '''G4 Highway (alternate)''': Take Line 1 Metro to Airport East Station, and walk south to Xinghua Rd. at [22.6429N, 113.8228E], and go east, crossing the Guangshen Hwy over the footbridge, continue along this road [22.645N, 113.8307E] until you go under the G4, then turn left at that first dirt road, and you will see the toll gate on the left.
=== North towards [[Shanghai]], [[Beijing]] ===
Go to Shangshuijing Metro Station or take any of these buses as near to the toll gate at [22.635N, 114.1E] as possible: 123, 307, 312, 321, 380B, 812, 980, K105, K359, K545, M244, M267, M268, M269, M271, M272, M281, M309, M310, M346, M378, M385, M408, M414, M421, N19, 新西湖快线, 高峰专线25, 高峰专线79. Reach this point here [22.6339N, 114.0983E] on the road underneath, and you will see a climb-up East-North-East, and the toll gate on the left.

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