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== ''Autoroutes'', ''péages'' and ''barrières de péage'' ==
'''Péage''' ([http://wwwcs1.texttomp3imtranslator.onlinenet/audio_tmpSL/59e146d7356c79.49311332Free_Projects/169679760/cs_10132017_15_58_47_1.mp3wav?param1=001024 audio]) is a French word for ''toll''. It is also commonly used as referring to [[toll station]]s.
In France, most of the motorways are toll roads which are the fastest way to hitch across the country. There are two types of toll stations on péages. First, there are big ones where all traffic has to stop to pay a fee (or to get a ticket) - these are ''barrières de péage'' and usually they are excellent spots to get a long-distance ride and make it really easy to hitchhike during the night. They are often located near big cities on the autoroute. Another type is a side barrier situated on all exits in the toll part of the motorway. On latter ones traffic is much smaller, therefore one can expect a longer waiting time, although sometimes congested toll stations (the first type) can be a difficult place to hitch from, too.

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