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Following highway B9 parallel to the Danube walk towards Vienna with your thumb out. The traffic is slow and light enough that people can stop and pick you up easily.
(2012.01.24 I took this route and only ended up walking about 6km between two people who gave me rides. Probably better than waiting in town for a ride. -lex)y
====Einsteinova bus station====
Walk south over the UFO bridge and follow the pedestrian/cycle path to the right. You will arrive at a bus stop on Einsteinova, standing at the front of the marked off lane will give drivers a place to pull over. The road splits shortly after, but both ways lead towards Vienna, so to catch all possible rides it's best to wait before the fork. It's not ideal as three lanes of traffic are moving quickly by. If you are unsuccessful, two bus companies operating between Bratislava and Vienna pick up right at that bus stop about every 15 minutes during the day. Also, there's an on-ramp from the bridge onto Einsteinova, where cars have space to pull over, [[User:Zenit|Zenit]] got a ride there within 15-20 minutes.
====Hungarian Border====
Involves slightly less walking than the Vysehradska gas station. Take bus no. 91 from the SNP Bridge(Most SNP) stop to "MiU Čunovo"[Ú+Čunovo/@48.0303402,17.1979731,16.34z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x476c7daa1f77ab95:0x643fb51304d6cf4f!8m2!3d48.0299978!4d17.1988499?hl=en] - it is a "request" stop, so you'll need to push a button to let the driver know you're getting out. Alternatively, take bus no. 90 from the Nové SND stop (Eurovea) to "Schengenská"['21.4%22N+17%C2%B011'36.6%22E/@48.022606,17.1927698,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d48.022606!4d17.193503] (also in Čunovo, but a little closer to the border and also a request stop) - this is a less frequent bus route (once an hour, more frequent during rush hour) - '''however''', not every bus goes to this stop, so make sure to check to schedule: if there is a "d" next to the departure time, then the bus will go to "Schengenská" (ie. 10:30d). Once in Čunovo, walk down the street in the opposite direction of the bus ride until you reach a pub with a green "Zlaty Bazant" sign on your left - keep walking in the same direction (ie. straight ahead) along Schengenska street for approx. 600 meters(if you feel like you're getting lost just ask locals to direct you to Schengenska). You'll reach the end of the village and a crossroads - this is the Schengenska bus stop, so if you take bus no. 90 this is where you'd get off. There will be a large wooden sign saying "ACTION PARK - Paintball - Off road" - follow this sign (ie. go straight ahead). As soon you pass the "action park" on your left, you'll be in Hungary - take a right on the Hungarian side onto a dirt road through the field - this will lead to you to a small crossing and right behind it (behind the rail) will be the large highway crossing with a service area. Signs will be useful here and unlike in Vysehradska, all traffic will be headed to Hungary (duh!) - getting a ride to Budapest should be a piece of cake.
== Public Transport ==

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