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*Tonsberg to [[Oslo]] - not recommended as it was bad to wait on interstate: 1st attempt - 30 min, failed, got something to eat, returned and it was rush hour - the slower traffic helped! 10 min wait, hour ride to Oslo!
*[[Oslo]] - Swedish border - a few hours, 20 min wait in the rain, do not use hitch wiki's suggestion for the spot, 2 women took pity on me because they'd seen others standing at the "dangerous spot" and it was raining...
According to [[User:Francisco1|Francisco1]]
*[[Göteborg]](Sweden) - [[Bergen]] - two days by road number 7 (camping in Flå, between Honefoss and Gol)
consider a complete day (with as much light hours as possible) for [[Oslo]] - [[Bergen]]
I definetely recommend taking road 7 passing by the Aurlandsfjordet (fjord) at Aurland and Flåm, very beautiful
'''Distances''' - NOTE: By car, not including waiting time and change of rides:

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