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* Karlsøya to [[Tampere]], [[Finland]] - '''2 days''' or 1 day and 1 night
 According to [[User:Mila77|Mila77]] , female
* A i Lofoten to Tromsö 2 Days on quite low traffic, maybe possible on 1 day in summertime
Note by Mila77: (now Mila.77) Please do calculate more time than usually in Norway. Remember they have a huge land but very few inhabitants. In the areas outside of citieycities, there are almost no people living. That means especially in the north, you will need much more time for the same distance than in Germany for example. You cannot compare this. Be prepared to wait much longer than you have ever in your life. There are few cars coming. However those who pick you up are very friendly.
* [[Lofoten]] - [[Trondheim]] - '''2 days'''
According to [[User:peregrine|Peregrine]] in 2013, one gal
*[[Stavanger]] - Mandal - half day (2pm 14:00 to 6pm18:00)*Mandal - [[Oslo]] - "1 day" (9 am 09:00 to 4pm16:00)
*Mandal - Kristiansund - 30 minutes (10 min wait)
*Kristiansund to Tonsberg - 4 hours (10 min wait)
*Tonsberg to [[Oslo]] - not recommended as it was bad to wait on interstate: 1st attempt - 30 min, failed, got something to eat, returned and it was rush hour - the slower traffic helped! 10 min wait, hour ride to Oslo!
*[[Oslo]] - Swedish border - a few hours, 20 min wait in the rain, do not use hitch wiki's suggestion for the spot, 2 women took pity on me because they'd seen others standing at the "dangerous spot" and it was raining...
'''Distances''' - NOTE: By car, not including waiting time and change of rides:
== Eating & Drinking ==
Food is expensive! Fresh fruits and veggies are even more expensive, especially in the North; but the dumpsters are full! especially of fresh fruits and veggies (mostly exotic like mangos avocados and bananas, tonnes of them but also of any other, from tomatoes to strawberries, blueberries, anything your appetite and taste may want) . Take as much food across the border as you can possibly carry, but no worries, when you will have finished it the dumpsters will surely fill your stomach, prefer small villages and towns than big cities since there is more food and dumpsters are (almost) always unlocked; plus food like oat, flat "fullkorn" bread, cooked legumes in metal or tetrapak boxes like beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc are defniitely definitely cheap or at least affordable (around 1E per piece but often even less) and constitute a good way to buy something in order to "borrow" from supermarkets (since the security is not really active) the expensive food you need and can't pay.
[[User:Guaka|guaka]] and Erga had a ride from Sweden all the way to [[Alta]] in the North and were smart enough to buy a box of food in a Swedish supermarket.
[[User:Fedecicco|Fede]] and his brother hitchhiked and dumpsterdived all across the country for 3 weeks, and paid very few money for food .
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