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* [ Collins Road Atlas: Europe 200] (1 : 1 000 000) is nice and has most petrol stations, even though it is a bit large (A3).
* The ''Berlitz Europe'' atlas includes petrol stations and has a ratio of 1:800 000, though many important cities are in the crease of the book and are difficult to read (e.g., Paris, Berlin, etc.).
* A good map iI've found (it has petrol/service stations marked and it's really small and handy! just a little bit bigger than a lonely planet guide) is the 1:1.250.000 Atlante Stradale Europa edited by Istituto Geografico De Agostini (ISBN 88-511-0968-0), it's sold in italian book shops but can be found on amazon as well.
* For Western, Northern and Southern Europe: ''one specific edition'' of the Marco Polo car map of [[Europe]] is great, it doesn't contain too much useless stuff like indices or city maps, and shows petrol stations on highways! Unfortunately [[User:guaka|guaka]]<small><sup>[ site], [[User talk:guaka|wikitalk]]</sup></small> only found this one in [[Slovakia]]. This map could also be found in [[Germany]], [[Czech Republic]] and [[Poland]] - [[User:Tmoon|Tom]] has a copy of both Czech and Polish editions (both editions exactly the same but with different front cover), and he bought these in 2006. They are still the best hitchhiking maps he's seen - hopefully the more modern editions are still as good. The cost was around 10 euro.
* ''Philip's compact atlas Europe'' shows service stations in some countries, is pretty compact and was available for 7 euro at the New English Book Store in [[Amsterdam]], in June 2008.
| Tank&Rast || Rasthof restaurants booklet || - || folding || {{nowrap|0.00 Euro}} || no || - || Map of most of the country's Rasthof and the information about every one of them. Does only contain the ones belonging to the Tank&Rast corporation.
|- valign="top"
| Insight Guides || Travel Map Germany || 1:500 000 || folding || {{nowrap|06.00 99 Euro}} || no || {{Nowrap|978-1780054780}} || Contains all service stations and rest areas, also some neighbouring cities (Zurich, Plsen, Strasbourg)
== Offline maps ==
[] is an Android and iOS application who allows you to download maps in advance and use them offline. It includes some navigation functionalities who also work offline.
''important:'' Distances will be only shown correctlyif you use the "route" function. Otherewise distances will be linear distance. Note that you have to opt in for "download map+routing".
There are a few ways to use [ Hitchwiki maps and spots offline].

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