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== Sleeping ==
It is 's not possible to sleep in many places around in Bratislava. You can try to sleep at the railway station but there is a chance that the guards , you will ask you either be asked to leave or to show them a , valid ticket by which won't help you are going . Better option is to travel so just tell them that you are going sleep in sleeping bag or set up a tent in one of many forest areas, it's absolutely normal to Vienna tommorow but wild camp in Slovakia, you havenwon't bought have any problems. One of the ticket yet best options are ''Koliba'', just use trolleybus 203, get out at final stop and you will buy it tomorrowwalk on the top of hill. That You should workfind nice place to sleep. You can also try sleeping in the Sad Janka Kráľa which is located ''Pečniansky les'' on the south right side of the Danube river. It's a quite big park so that you should be able also possible to sleep there without any problemsaround ''Draždiak'' lakes in Petržalka or in forests near ''Železná studienka''. Another option is sleeping If you are willing to spend more time in the Pečianky lespublic transport, you can take a large forest a bit ride to ''Čuňovo'' and sleep close to the west of the Sad Janka Kráľalocal lake.
== Other useful info ==

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