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Phnom Penh

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There is a roundabout called Choam Chao, 12 km from the city center or 2 km from the airport entrance. This is where the national roads NH3 and NH4 start, one to Kampot and one to Sihanoukville. This makes a good hitchhiking spot. A tuk-tuk from the train station will be between 2 US$ and 6 US$, depending on the time and how good you haggle. A public bus goes to the roundabout beginning at the Night Market.
=== East towards [[Ho Chi Minh City]] ===
Take [|+Relation+History:+%E2%80%AALine+01+%2F+Okhna+Souy%E2%80%AC++Sophan+Bus+Terminal bus number one] to the last stop Okhna Souy Sophan Bus Terminal. Continue following highway number one.
== Public Transport ==

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