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Phnom Penh

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== Public Transport ==
Since late 2014 Phnom Penh now has a very small bus network of three routes. The most interesting is [ line 3 ] along ''Confederation de la Russie'' between the night market by the river in the east and past the airport to the Choam Chao roundabout. Each bus stop has a list of names of bus stops written in English. These are landmarks and important places, not street names. So unless you know the city well, it's not easy to know the location of each stop. [,104.9239719/11.5677514,104.9249161/@11.5692124,104.9256027,16z?hl=en There is a bus stop somewhere along this stretch of road ]The bus is air-conditioned, comfortable, and not crowded. Tickets are KHR 1,500. Otherwise you can use Tuk-Tuks or motorbike-taxis to leave the city.

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