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'''Milano''' ([[England|English]]: ''Milan'', [[Germany|German]]: ''Mailand'') is the second biggest city in [[Italy]].
== Hitching around ==
The Milano metropolitan area is very large and the road network complex. If you are dropped at a petrol station on the outskirts of Milano, it will probably prove faster to take public transportation across the city and hitchhike from the other side, than to try to get a lift around the city.
== Hitching out ==
There is a petrol station on the A8, before the junction where the A9 branches off, leading towards Switzerland.
You can reach it by taking a local train to the community of Rho (S5 or S6 should go there, 5 stops, 2-3 Euros but there are no barriers et5) and then taking a bus towards Lainate. Just ask around at the bar in the Rho train station, they should be able to tell you what bus to take (a blue one, not the orange ones!) The bus should cost around 1,55 Euros. Get off at the stop Via Pagliera or Via Alessandro Manzoni, and walk towards the little roundabout between Via Giacomo Puccini, Via Scarlati and Via Gaetano Donizetti. This is an industrial area, just walk to the end of Via Gaetano Donizetti, you will reach the petrol station, southwards (there is a turnstile in the fence). On the petrol station, find the sottopassagio/underground walkway which will take you to the other side. From there, it should be easy to get a hitch on the A8 or A9 northwards, towards Lago Maggiore, Lago di Como, Switzerland.
==== Personal experiences ====
[[User:eSko|eSko]]: I was coming to Milano from Genova and because it was evening and big cities are often problem I got out of the car at the last gas station before Milano and walked back along the highway to the crossroad with a bigger rest station hoping the following day I would get a lift around Milano to Verona . The area with the bigger rest station is called Rozzano, the whole following day I spend hopelessly trying to get out, but not successfully, the third day a guy I met second day took me to the city and I took Metro to the other side and hitchhiked out from there - I followed the first guide to the metro station Gobba, I spent there over one hour asking people but almost everyone is staying in Milano or going only a bit further east. In the end two business men took me to Verona. It was my toughest and most hopeless experience during my 5000 KM journey, looking back when I got to the last station before Milano I should have slept there and early in the morning hitchhike to the city and get to the other side of the city, but failure teaches success.
== Sleeping ==

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