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Crossable rest areas in Belgium

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The following Belgian petrol stations and air de Services allow a hitchhiker to cross over to the other side. The list is far from complete, and currently only contains entries collected by [[User:Prino|Prino]].
== E17 ==
* '''Kalken''', between [[Antwerpen]] and [[Gent]]. The bridge at the '''south-bound''' side of the petrol stations can be used. Be aware that there is a road to this bridge from the '''north-bound''' petrol station, but that reaching it from the '''south-bound''' petrol station requires a (potentially) illegal walk through some fields!
== E40 ==
* '''Jabbeke''', after [[Brugge]], before the [[Calais]] - [[Oostende]] split. It is theoretically possible to cross from one side to the other, but it will involve a lengthy walk
* '''Groot-Bijgaarden''', just before the [[Brussel]] ring when coming from the coast
* '''Heverlee''', after exit 22 and more important '''after''' the exit towards [[Leuven]]
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