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High-tech hitchhiking

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2. Load the maps<br>
Quit App manager and open Marble, Top menu > Marble Virtual Globe Menu > Map View > Select Mercator and OpenStreetMap. This map is identical to the desktop version, including hitchhikers' launchpads, also better known as petrol stations and highway resting rest areas.
Install a country for offline use - manually<br>
- Max. 1400 1500 Mah battery available (Polarcell). Spare batteries are recommended for longer trips<br>
- Slower lookup compared to paper due to its 3,5" screen<br>
- Ratings and specifics of Hitchwiki spots are not included. This can be solved by converting the daily xml dump files to .aar, as explained here and open them in Aard dictionary. I'm still looking at this.

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