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High-tech hitchhiking

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=== Nokia N900 offline hitchwiki navigator ===
As the [ Nokia N900] internet tablet smartphone reaches dumbphone price levels, it can also make for an offline Hitchwiki spot browser within Openstreetmap. The only difference with the website is that HwHitchwiki's spot ratings and descriptions are missing for now.
Install a country for offline use - manually<br>
Open Marble > Top Menu > uncheck Work Offline to allow internet access<br>
Tap on the map Swipe and move around the areas you will travel through. Zoom in and out for a more detailed mapdetails. Marble downloads and saves the area permanently on the phone. Alternatively, do a search: Menu > Go to... > press Return on the hardware keyboard.
To cancel a route, Top Menu > Routing > Clear<br>Marble saves data in the hidden folder /.local/share/marble/maps/earthYou can drop kml tracks in the folder tracking and routing
Install a country for offline use - automatically<br>
Marble adds kml files incremently, so more than one country could be loaded. To disable the kml layer, restart marble.
If Marble gives a parsing error when opening the kml file, it should Google Earth can still open in Google Earthit. Open and click select the file in the Places window once pane > right-click and Save as a kml file with a relevant file name. Copy the file to the N900 main folder and try to open in Marble again. This workaround worked for me, only the accents in names are messed up.garbled<br>
The dots on Hitchwiki are replaced by the letter ''''a'''' in ''''a Hitchhiking spot in [place, country]' and are placed on the same spot as the dots'''.
- Max. 1400 Mah battery available(Polarcell). Spare batteries are recommended for longer trips<br>
- Slower lookup compared to paper due to its 3,5" screen<br>
- Ratings and specifics of Hitchwiki spots are not included. This can be solved by converting the daily xml dump files to .aar, as explained here and open them in Aard dictionary. I'm still looking at this.

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