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'''Umeå''' is a town in northern [[Sweden]]. The [[E4]] passes through it.
== Hitchhiking out ==
There is a petrol station next to the E4 in ''Tankvägen'', about 500 metres south of the bridge ''Tegsbron''. You can ask for people going south on the E4 there.
In winter there is not much traffic on this petrol station, and the cars that were using it were mostly going back to Umeå again. To avoid this traffic, walk a little further to where the road splits in two and start hitchhiking from there. This is a good place as you can also stick your left thumb up to people going to the highway without using the petrol station.
Note that waiting times can be very long here, and do not accept rides that will take you only a few kilometres! if you want to go long-distance.

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