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<map lat='63.826944' lng='20.266944' zoom='11' view='3' country='Sweden' float='right'/>
Flag of Sweden
State: Västerbotten
Population: 110,900
Licence plate: -
Major roads: E 4 E 12
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Umeå is a town in northern Sweden. The E4 passes through it.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Luleå

A good place to stand going north on E4 is just after the roundabout running north of and alongside Björnvägen. Wide road and lit up during night.

However, GPS apps will tell drivers to use the other road around the city. You definitely can't trust the satellite pictures, as they will show you trees and fields where roads are now going trough. (july 2022) Use google street view as it is way more often updated. The actual best spot to get out of the city and head nort is the bus stop just before the OKQ8 gaz station. This is the last gaz station before exiting the city by this road. If someone offers you a short drive out of the city, ask if he can get you to Bygdeå's gaz station. This is a perfect hitchhiking spot. The trafic here is very slow and the entrance to the gaz service area makes it perfect to hitch on the side of the highway. You should be able to reach Skellefteå quickly, from there. A bus can get you there from Umeå, apparently. Be advised, tho, that it is remote and you won't be able to to get a lift when it's dark. There's plently of woods all around and even a camping right next to the spot, so you have places to sleep.

North West towards Norway (Bodø)

E12 to Mo I Rana is well traveled.

However most truckers and people that make the entire trip often take 95 as it is a shorter distance. There is perhaps less traffic on this highway but your chances of getting a longer ride are much greater. If you are going to take this route to the north of Norway from Umeå hitch up to Skellefteå where 95 heads out west across the mountains. Beware that traffic on 95 slows considerably during the winter months, and heavy snows can shut down the pass to extend this one day trip into two or more.

South towards Sundsvall, Uppsala or Stockholm

There is a petrol station next to the E4 in Tankvägen, about 500 metres south of the bridge Tegsbron. You can ask for people going south on the E4 there. In winter there is not much traffic on this petrol station, and the cars that were using it were mostly going back to Umeå again. To avoid this traffic, walk a little further to where the road splits in two and start hitchhiking from there. This is a good place as you can also stick your left thumb up to people going to the highway without using the petrol station. Note that waiting times can be very long here, and do not accept rides that will take you only a few kilometres if you want to go long-distance.

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