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"''Comment by J.N.: Just ride bus 01 to Tarnowo Podgorne instead of confusing yourself over which bus goes through Sady. Ride/walk along the main road through Tarnowo Podgorne until the end of the village where there is a roundabout on which the local road joins road 92 going to Pniewy and Swiebodzin. You can hitchhike on the roundabout. The businessman who picked me up told me he and his colleagues prefer using this road over the highway as there are much less traffic jams due to roadworks and trucks" (10.8.2011)''.
=== East towards [[Łódź]], [[Warsaw|Warszawa]] ===
<font size="+1">{{Motorway Number Poland|2}} {{E|30}}</font>
* '''From behind roundabout ''Rataje'''''

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