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* '''From toll booths'''
Go to '''Ogrody''' (last stop of trams 2, 7, 17, 18 and many buses) and take suburban bus no. '''718''' ([ route], [ timetables]/'''719 to ''Dopiewo' [ówki''Linia719s.pdf route], [ timetables]. The bus stop in ''Ogrody'' is in front of Savoy Restaurant (you have to walk back 50m from the tram station). Get out in '''''Dopiewiec''''' (don't mess it up as names are very similar). The ride takes about 40 minutes. Here's suburban bus network [ map] and [ timetable].  From there walk for about 2km south and after that then just jump over the fence (before the police station) and you're at to get on the parking after the spottoll. Here's the [,16.717973&spn=0.012739,0.027637&t=h&z=15&msid=112760156584939739161.000469d4924c2bad2c929 route].
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