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'''Leipzig''' is a city in the [[Germany|German]] ''Bundesland'' [[Saxony]], and is famous for its alternative scene. Check out Plagwitz, Südvorstadt and Connewitz if you're there.
== Hitchhiking out ==
=== North towards [[Berlin]], South towards [[Munich|München]] {{Autobahn|9}} ===
;First option
It's also possible to get to the spot described above with tram #7 in direction ''Böhlitz-Ehrenberg''. Get out at the tram stop ''Georg-Schwartz-Strasse/Merseburger Strasse''. From there, walk back some 10m towards the main road and walk right towards the ''Aral'' petrol station. Follow the road for 200m until you passed a ''Lidl'' supermarket, and after that some meters further you'll find a bus stop (''Lindenau Friedhof''). From there you can easily hitchhike a ride towards ''Dölzig'' and/or the motorway. Make sure to get out at the last traffic lights before the motorway. Just behind the traffic lights, there's a small bay where cars can stop easily. A sign might be useful. Hitchhiking ~800m further directly at the [[on-ramp]] is pretty dangerous, there's no place for cars to stop and traffic passes by pretty fast.
===North towards [[Berlin]] and [[Magdeburg]]/[[Hamburg]] {{Autobahn|14}} ===
There is a brilliant spot to ask people for lifts at an "Aral"-petrol station which is the last one before the Autobahn 14 that also leads onto the A9 to Berlin.
In the direction of Dresden you then have a service area called "Muldental" since a lot of people turn of before Dresden so that you can use also the rather local traffic.
=== West towards [[Erfurt]], [[Cologne|Köln]], [[Belgium]] {{Autobahn|4}} ===
When heading to Belgium highway number 4 is a decent option. The highway to [[Kassel]] doesn't have any gas stations until Kassel so it's a bit suboptimal.

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