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=== West towards [[Erfurt]], [[Cologne|Köln]], [[Belgium]] {{Autobahn|4}} ===
When heading to Belgium highway number 4 is a decent option. The There are no comfortable ways (other than luck) to get on the highway to Kassel [[KasselA38_(Germany)|A38]] doesn't have any gas stations until Kassel so it. Though if there's somebody taking you to the A38 make sure you get a bit suboptimallong lift. There is only one [ service station] before reaching the [[A7_(Germany)|A7]] near [[Göttingen]]/[[Kassel]].
You can take bus 131 from Merseburgerstrasse that will take you all the way close to the A9. At the bus stop opposite from the Aral gas station you can also hitch a ride easily.

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