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The Paris hitchhikers' gathering was a great success thanks to everyone who was there and the clear weather. It was a very inspiring gathering for many of us as we shared so many stories and skills.
We stayed camping on the Champs de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower for all the whole three days, entailing some deep and meaningful conversation with the local police force, but we were generally left alone by them. In addition to the usual "get drunk/get laid" action that seems unavoidable in such occasions, we also had some very practical workshops and talks such as:
* Nomadic philosophyand practical skill-sharing.
* General survival tricks, whether in the wild or in the urban jungle.
* Much much sharing of hitch-hiking experience. Everyone We had one big session of hitchhiking stories that we shared, everyone seemed to have a cool story to tellshare their best stories. The Palme d'or goes to Fabrice and Pascal for the Stevie-Wonder-smile drug-lord.* Friendships were formed or developed. A very important thing for such a loose network.
* Open space success !
It was very hard to leave that grass, a total of 150 people participated and some stayed until the very last end of it, as we were all thinking about the next event! A lot of people are reactive to find a way to meet again! We hope to the that our future event events will be have such nice days like those these ones ! We opened a special [[888/Evaluation]] page, for which we are also looking for your input. Go [[888/Evaluation|there]] and hit edit to share your thoughts.
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