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Project 888/Newsletter

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===(upcoming) events===
* 5-7 September - The Annual [[abgefahren e.V.]] club meeting will take place at [,53.082350,8.792220%3B5107824826627978613,53.551460,8.569310&q=oberkeil&sll=53.209322,8.698425&sspn=1.135002,2.323608&ie=UTF8&ll=49.998471,11.515388&spn=0.152277,0.420914&z=12 Oberkeil] close to [[Bayreuth]]. Open for everyone. Workshops, talks, etc. More info soon.
* 16-24 August 2008 - [[Saint Petersburg Autostop League|PASL]] organizes an hitchhiking race through the West of [[Russia]].
* 23 August - 5 September 2008/open end - [ Viva con Agua] hitchhiking race from [[Hamburg]]/St.Pauli to the EXPO 2008 in [[Saragossa]] with the topic ''Water and Sustainable Development''.
* 7-13 August 2009. 2nd European Hitchhiking Week, [[789]] location yet to be determined.

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