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Project 888/Newsletter

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== Post 888 Newsletter ==
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Thanks to everyone that was there and the clear weather, the meeting was a big success. It stayed based on the Champs de Mars for the whole three days, entailling entailing deep and meaningful conversation with the local police force.
In addition to the usual "get drunk/get laid" action that seems unavoidable in such occasion, some very practical topics were addressed, such as:
- * Nomadic philosophy- * General survival tricks, whether in the wild or in the urban jungle.- * Much much sharing of hitch-hiking experience. Everyone seemed to have a cool story to tell. Palme d'or goes to Fabrice for the Stevie-Wonder-smile druglorddrug-lord.- Frienship * Friendships were formed or developpeddeveloped. A very important thing for such a loose society.
=== The Documentary Project===
Share your stories!
- * There was a lot of space in the car, I asked him for take me to orléansOrléans, he said : Ok I give you a ride ! Oh no no I can't, my wheels will touch the car !!! [[User:Terrehappy|MiSha]]* One hitchhiker arrived from [[Linz]] after 21 hours of hitchhiking, stayed for 4 hours and went back home again to be back in time. * The last hitchhiker who arrived in Paris for the gathering stayed partying with her driver the night before. Could there be a better excuse?* One hitchhiker had to go back 40 kilometers to pick up a phone he had left behind in a car. Another hitchhiker almost lost all his luggage because he said good-bye before he picked his luggage from the trunk.
== second newsletter ==

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