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<map lat{{infobox Country|country ='58.75680543225761' lngof Estonia|language ='25.740966796875' zoomEstonian|capital ='7' view[[Tallinn]]|pop ='0' float1,340,602|currency ='right' heightEstonian kroon (EKK)|hitch ={{good}} ('320' width=good'450'/>)}}
'''Estonia''' is a small country that belongs to [[European Union]] and is a [[Schengen Agreement]] country. Thumbing and waving carton with town name are both understandable ways for drivers. In case of bad weather poster is better seen from car.
Weather is a lot worse problem than small roads or lack of cars. Winters are cold, snow in midland (harder to walk to good spot), early darkening most time of year, rainy weather sometimes for long periods.
"Thanks to" climate warming it is a lot easier to hitch-hike in winter nowadays. But i wouldn't advise trying it on smaller roads.
<map lat='58.75680543225761' lng='25.740966796875' zoom='7' view='0' float='right' height='320' width='450'/>
== Food ==
Many people from rural places goes to work in bigger towns. That means you can get stuck easily because of night on highway next to turnaway from main road. And no gas station near. It is smart to keep some bread, water and chocolate in your bag. Water is almost everywhere drinkable from tap and wells. Even from lakes. The color of lake water might be brown but that is pure turf water.
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