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current info about Corona case at hg
'''For current information regarding Corona(-rules) please check (and if necessary update): [[Hitchhiking and Corona]]'''
'''Breaking News: One person here tested positiv on Corona. We will have to talk to the collective and see how we will deal with the situation. We have a bit over 20 tests here but if you happen to get a grab on some more free ones (like from the service areas in France) that'd be great. As we are in the open it is basically possible to keep distance and isolate yourself as much as you want.'''
As usual, there will be a Hitchgathering starting from the beginning of August this year -- come hitch to a beautiful spot to meet a bunch of other funky people to hang out, play music, do workshops, cook on the fire and celebrate the hitchhiking way of life together! After a lengthy and slightly messy decision-making process, it was decided that this year's beautiful spot in question will be at La Framondié, France. As always, please subscribe to the [ mailing list] or use this article's [[Talk:Hitchgathering/2021|discussion page]] to join the discussion.

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