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'''For more informations, **including access**, see [[La Framondié]].'''
[[La Framondié]] is [,43.990527389595&z=18&l0=GEOGRAPHICALGRIDSYSTEMS.MAPS.SCAN-EXPRESS.STANDARD::GEOPORTAIL:OGC:WMTS(1)&permalink=yes here], the coordinates are . Coordinates below. 43.99014, 2.53491.  It's a large area of forest in one of the least densely populated parts of France, and there's a collective of about 8-12 people living there. They do gardening and steward the forest, and for the future they are quite interested in offering more activities, camps for children, etc. During the gathering, we will help them by building the infrastructure for ourselves so they can use it afterwards.
=== Misceallaneous ===

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