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Salvador (Salvador da Bahia) is a city in Brazil.

Hitchhiking out

ALL Directions ( BR - Highway)

If you are not keen on taking the bus, a perfect spot is in Av. França, downtown. From Mercado Modelo walk to the end of Av. França. On your left side, right in the end of the big wall, you will see a harbour gate. This is where the truckdrivers coming from all over the country come to unload. On the way back they will be at least going back to the motorway. Ask a lift to " Brazilgás", or just to the "BR" (learn how to pronounce that in Potoghese). You will be going northwest and will be able to go south and north both through the slower BR- 101 or through the "main" highway BR-116.

Tbandrini once got a lift all the way to São Paulo from this spot.

North towards Aracaju, Maceió, Recife – the coastal way BA099

Take the bus which is going direction Arembepe,which is the hippy village close to Salvador. you can take the bus close to Plaza de Sa Fe(on Pelurinho) or from the main bus station Rodoviaria or as well close to Rodoviaria – next to the Salvador Shopping Center. This bus cost like a normal bus – 2,3 reais. You can ask the driver to get dropped after the payment for the roads (in french Peage, even though I am not french I cant find the better word – 10 km behind Salvador city). It's not the best place,but for me worked,because there u can even ask for a help security guys,who will ask for you at the peage directly or just hitch-hike there (there is a lot of space – the thing is,that as well the road is going in one way to the coast/beach and other to coastal way direction Aracaju). Or you can go till Arembepe,which is already on the way or Praia de Forte. I haven't asked how far these buses are going,but Arembepe is pretty far already (26 km from Salvador).

This way is highly frequented by a small cars, the trucks doesn't go this way mostly – though the trucks going to Aracaju, Recife, Maceió are avoiding the colos of Salvador and going trough Feira de Santana up on the road BR101 direction Alagoinhas. -- Suzann

You can also just get off anywhere after Lauro de Freitas because that is the BR 099 and lots of people are driving up little by little to go to the beach resorts. It was a little slow getting north of it all (After Conde, everyone should be going to Sergipe). Most buses go all the way up to Conde because they stop at all the beach towns. If you speak portuguese its worth telling them you are a mochileira, because I was able to hitch a few of the buses up the coast on my way to Recife! In the gas stations lots of people stop to talk to you and try to help you out as well (at least that is my expérience!) ~Yaya

West/South/North towards Feira de Santana to hit the road BR101

Get the bus from any place of Salvador which is going to direction Jaqueira. Get out on the last or the almost last station - this one should be better for hitchiking. But be careful, you will appear in between favelas. The last station is terminal, so you would have to walk a bit to highway. Jaqueira and before is passing on the main road leading out of Salvador which in Feira de Santana is connecting with BR101 - which goes from north to east and you can continue there to the west as well. Feira de Santana is the main nod for heavy transportation on Bahia.

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