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Refice is a city in Brazil.

Hitchhiking out

Need to take a bus direction to Macaxeira and ask the bus driver to let you out on entrance to BR101 for hitch-hiking. It's not the best place but hitch-hiking from Recife is a bit complicated as the city is known as highly violent and people don't like to give lifts very often.

The another option is to go to Olinda and try to catch the road PE015 - direction to Paulista - managed but was a hard work as well.

Another great option to go either north of south is jaboatāo dos Guararapes south of Recife. A gas station there named Pichilau is a hub for truck drivers going everywhere. If you're friendly you can even get a meal for free at the local restaurant. Take the metro to the last station Cajueiro Seco. From there, walk around 20 minutes south on the BR101, cross a bridge, a small turn to the right and it's the big gas station right there. Look for Indio, a former hitchhiker, he will take care of you!!

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