Rüningen East

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Service station Rüningen East
in Lower Saxony at motorway Bundesautobahn 39 number.svg
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<map lat="52.212389718807" lng="10.493126749939" zoom='16' view='3' />
highway crossing towards station Rüningen West
Hitchability: Good.png (good)

Rüningen West is a service station along the German motorway Bundesautobahn 39 number.svg from Göttingen towards Braunschweig.

From there you can go to Gifhorn as well.

To get there from Braunschweig take Bus M13 towards Rüningenstraße. Follow the main road straight and turn right after the traffic light into Rüningenstraße. Turn left and follow Dieselstraße, at Braunstraße turn right towards the service station (map).