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<map lat='51.517' lng='9.91' zoom='12' view='3' height='320'/>
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Lower Saxony.png
Lower Saxony
Population: 121,513
Licence plate:
Major roads: A7, A38
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Göttingen is a traditional university city in the German state Lower Saxony.

Hitchhiking out

south towards Kassel, Frankfurt am Main and north towards Hannover ,Hamburg,Braunschweig

On-ramp in the city

If you are travelling south in direction Frankfurt am Main, take the motorways a A7 and later A5. Göttingen isn't a big city so you can get out from there by walking easily. It's also possible to take a bus. The bus number "4" direction "Kaufpark" goes very close to the motorway. Get out at bus stop Kaufpark. From there you can walk some hundred meters and you'll find a good on-ramp. There is enough place for cars to stop.


On the on-ramp to the highway by Kauf Park there is a great place to stand (51.5251563, 9.8806780). You can take 31 or 32 bus from the center to the station "Siekhöhe/Kauf Park" and from there it's very close to the on-ramp going north, it's across the road from the Burger King right after you turn onto the on-ramp. I got a ride here in 5 min (may 2023).

Raststätte Göttingen

Take bus 130 to Mengershausen Kirche. It goes roughly every hour during working days (May 2012: times are changing), look up the times at reiseauskunft.bahn.de / fahrplaner.de(Göttingen Hbf. -> Mengershausen, Kirche). It costs 3.10EUR (Mai '13). Arriving there, you walk down Lindenstraße towards the east where there is a bridge over the Autobahn. Now you can see and choose between both the service stations towards south or north.

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