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<map lat="51.415312488947" lng="21.97436105459" zoom="13" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Poland
Voivodeship: Lublin (Voivodeship)
Population: 49,839
Licence plate: LPU
Major roads: 12
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Puławy is a city in Poland, situated at the river Wisła.

Hitching out

North towards Warsaw

From the city centre, follow Al. Partyzantów in eastern direction until you cross under the railway after about 1,6km. 200m down the road there's a roundabout where the roads 12 and 824 split. Go right to hitchhike down the 824. Just behind the roundabout is a parking place where cars can stop. This will take you to the 17, the main road between Lublin and Warsaw. At the roundabout where the 17 and 824 meet there's a great spot at the busstop going north towards Warsaw.

Southeast towards Lublin

Follow Lubelska (12) until you encounter the roundabout with Juliusza Słowackiego after around 1,4km. From the other side of the roundabout you might have a good chance (please verify!). Making a sign stating Kurów, the city where 12 and 17 merge, might help.

South towards Kazimierz Dolny

Walk 700m down Zielona from the city centre. At the crossing of the 821 and 824 go straight down Kazimierska. In the first bend, going to the left, there's a nice shoulder for cars to stop.