Perth (Scotland)

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Perth is a small city in Scotland on the edge of the Highlands. Due to its central location it is very likely that you will find yourself dropped off here at some point during your travels around Scotland. Hitching is made more complicated by the ring road around the city. To save yourself two miles of walking, try to get dropped off on the ring road if you are hitching north, south or west, and try to get dropped in the city center if you are going east.

Hitching out

South towards Edinburgh

If you are in the town centre, you want to hitch south on the A912, "Edinburgh Road" which joins the M90 just south of Perth. You can try your luck in the large park the road runs through, but If you don't have a sign, it might be worth walking to the edge of the residential area and to the top of the big hill (1.5 miles) where traffic will be more focused.

North towards Inverness, the Highlands

I know of no easy way to hitch north. From the town centre, walk 1 mile up the A912 to a large roundabout across from an outdoor equipment store (Inveralmond). If you stand on the A912 before the roundabout, you will miss all the traffic coming up from the A9. If you walk a little ways southwest on the A9 there are nice, long areas for trucks to pull over; I got lucky here but traffic moves very fast. Half a mile north of the roundabout is a turnoff where cars could pull over, but there is less space and they will be going fast here as well.

Southwest towards [[Stirling]

East towards Dundee

From the town centre walk across the South Street bridge to the A85. There is no ideal place to stand but traffic moves slow.