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Oruro is a city in Bolivia.

Hitchhiking out

Trufis are the main public transport in the cities of Bolivian, such as Oruro. Getting in will cost you 1.5 bolivianos, you can leave the vehicle when you want, just ask for "una esquina por favor" meaning you want to leave at the next corner.

North towards La Paz

You can take the trufi n°1 (blue color) that goes from the west entering of the city to the north exit toward La Paz (the area is called "El Casco"). From there you can walk along the road and start hitchhiking.

South towards Uyuni or Potosí

The truffis n°2, 5 (blue color) or 18 (green color) leaves the city of Oruro by the road that goes to the south in the diretion of Uyuni or Potosí. At least N°18 will take you right to the tranca.

West towards Pisica, Chile

The trufi n°1 will leave you at the exit for Pisica or Chile at the west of the city of Oruro.

Places to avoid

Accommodation and Sleep

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