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North Tyrol (German: Nordtirol) is the main part of the Austrian state of Tyrol, located in the western part of the country. The other part of the state is East Tyrol, which also belongs to Austria, but does not share a border with North Tyrol.

North Tyrol borders Salzburg in the east, Bavaria in the north, Vorarlberg in the west, Graubünden in the southwest and South Tyrol in the south. Its capital is Innsbruck.

Hitching in

Bolzano towards Innsbruck, This might be tricky. There is a roundabout, but not too much space for cars to stop. It might be better to find a spot closer to the city centre. If you're into that sorta thing, for 15 euros you can take a train all the way to Kufstein, which is very close to the German border.

You can also try the "statale" going North, which is Via Brennero.

Munich towards Innsbruck, The A8 begins inside the town. A few hundred meters before the beginning, there is a bus stop, so enough place to stop. Take a subway to Karl-Preis-Platz or just walk from the town center along Rosenheimer Straße. It's recommended to put Rosenheim on a sign, which is the next city along the motorway. Close to Rosenheim, there is a huge service area (Irschenberg), where you will surely get a ride to Austria.

Munich towards Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Seefeld, A 95. The best spot to start your hichhike is on Fürstenrieder Straße. There is a bus stop 200 metres after the crossways Würmtalstraße-Fürstenriederstraße. Cars can easily stop there. Use a sign (A 95, or Garmisch). In the evenings you can try to get a lift at the traffic light at the crossing. Both spots are not really good but okay.

The Samerburg service station on Autobahn A8 south of Munich seems a good option for hitching from here to Innsbruck in Austria as shortly after it, the A12 heads south to Austria.

But picking up lifts going to Innsbruck from here might be difficult as the vast majority of traffic is heading for Munich.

Best advice: look for Swiss plates for cars that might be heading through Innsbruck to Switzerland or, better still, Austrian ones. Approach drivers in the rest stop and ask them, in German preferably, if they are heading to Innsbruck. Be prepared for it to take time though.

If this doesn't work out, try to hitch a sympathetic ride into Munich that will drop you at the entrance to the A95 to Garmisch and from there hitch village by village over the border into Innsbruck.

Hitchhiking out

Innsbruck towards Salzburg, Rosenheim, Munich Starting point is Exit Innbruck Ost (East), at the fuel stations on the very end of Amraser Straße, next to the DEZ shopping mall.

Getting there by bus: Line D exit DEZ, or line T exit DEZ Ost, and walk the last few meters towards the biggest road closeby. Check Fahrplan The bus takes you 1.70€ (Summer 2008). A sign indicating your desired direction might help you getting along. Good luck!

Kufstein towards Munich, Salzburg (and probably also South) From the train station (e.g. because you took a cheap train from a city like Trento in Italy) you have to take the second street on the left. After a while you'll see a sign that says Munich. You can easily hitch on that road already. Guaka was quickly picked up and dropped off at a round-about for the motorway entrance. Here you only have to go a short distance to get at Raststaette Inntal.

Innsbruck towards Landeck, Reutte, Füssen, Kempten, Scharnitz, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Munich There are several opportunities in Innsbruck but no real "first choice" option. So here is one: motorway exit Innsbruck Kranebitten, this a a lonely motorway exit in the very west of Innsbruck with a free Space just in the middle of the different lanes joining together in the direction of Bregenz and Germany. It is not a nice spot but it works!

Getting there by bus Take line T of the IVB Busses running towards "EKZ CYTA" a suburban shopping center. You are passing the motorway exit by bus just after crossing the Inn River bridge. Get of the Bus at EKZ Cyta, get all you need at the shopping center and walk back to the motorway exit, which comes first after the roundabout. Watch Fahrplan The bus takes you 1.70€ (Summer 2008).A sign indicating your desired direction might help you getting along. Good luck!

Just a kilometer after you enter the motorway, the road splits up - one minor road running north directly to Germany (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Munich) and the motorway continuing to run west - make sure you are in the desired direction!