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<map lat="-1.8273165731608876" lng="-80.75056624412134" zoom="14"/>
Flag of Ecuador
State: Santa Elena
Population: 1,000
Licence plate: Y
Major roads: E15
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Montañita is a resort town in Ecuador. It's full of restaurants, hotels, and souvenirs. Expect everything to cost 5x as much as anywhere else in Ecuador. You will probably meet other backpackers here.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Manta, Portoviejo, Quito, Colombia

This is pretty straightforward. There are no particularly good places to hitch from. Just walk to the edge of town and thumb it.

Personal experiences

I think it's a tourist trap. One of those cities that everyone tells you to go to. Anywhere else on the coast is just as beautiful and more reasonably priced. I think most of the population here is tourists, so if you want to meet locals, go somewhere else. - Keith

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