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There are several hitchhikers meetings around the world every year.

These meetings are often created by one of the different hitchhiking clubs, but also by the community of the hitchhikers themself. It also happens that there are a lot of other events not actually specified as hitchhiker's meetings, but where you for sure can meet lots of them!

Annual Meetings

  • The German autostop society Abgefahren e.V. is organizing an annual members meeting. The meetings in 2007 and 2008 took place in September, so expect this to be so also in 2009.


  • In 2008, two French hitchhikers organized a big meeting in Paris, called the 888-Project. More than 150 hitchhikers met there on 8 august 2008. This project will be continued in 2009, ending up in the European hitchhiking week, called 789.