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Malargüe is a town in Mendoza province in West Argentina.

Hitchhiking out

North towards San Rafael or Mendoza

From Malargue, most people will travel on RN40 and later RN144 to San Rafael or El Nihuil to the Atuel canyon. If you come from the south, the least trafficked part of RN40 is over now. It should be rather easy to get a ride from the tourist information or the petrol stations at the northern end of the town. If you plan to go to Mendoza, consider taking the detour via San Rafael, as on RN143 there will be a lot more traffic than on the direct RN40.

South towards Chos Malal and Zapala or Neuquen or the pass to Chile

RN40 is starting to be in really bad state from here on. Try to get a lift directly to Chos Malal or Zapala in order to not get stuck here. Even in peak season, do not expect more than 20-50 cars taking the entire route. For further information refer to the Zapala article.