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The M70 is a motorway in Denmark, it leads from Aalborg to Århus. It is part of the E 45. It is also known as Nordjyske Motorvej.

Hitching the M70

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<map lat="56.63199607688978" lng="10.082802414873804" zoom="9" width="350" height="750" float="right" />

Pfeil unten.svg

Pfeil oben.svg

(18) AB-AS-blau.svg Vodskov N M 80
(19) AB-AS-blau.svg Vodskov
(20) AB-AS-blau.svg Bouet
Autobahn junction.png Vendsyssel M 90
(21) AB-AS-blau.svg Nørresundby N
(22) AB-AS-blau.svg Nørresundby S
(23) AB-AS-blau.svg Aalborg N
(24) AB-AS-blau.svg Øster Uttrup Vej
(25) AB-AS-blau.svg Humlebakken
(26) AB-AS-blau.svg Th. Sauers Vej
(27) AB-AS-blau.svg Aalborg Centrum
Autobahn junction.png Aalborg S M 75
(29) AB-AS-blau.svg Svenstrup
(30) AB-AS-blau.svg Støvring N
(31) AB-AS-blau.svg Støvring S
Autobahn gasstation.png service station Himmerland Vest Autobahn gasstation.png service station Himmerland Øst
(32) AB-AS-blau.svg Sønderup
(33) AB-AS-blau.svg Haverslev
(34) AB-AS-blau.svg Hobro N
(35) AB-AS-blau.svg Hobro V
(36) AB-AS-blau.svg Onsild
(37) AB-AS-blau.svg Handest
(38) AB-AS-blau.svg Purhus
(39) AB-AS-blau.svg Randers N
(40) AB-AS-blau.svg Randers C
(42) AB-AS-blau.svg Randers S
(43) AB-AS-blau.svg Sønder Borup
(44) AB-AS-blau.svg Hadsten
Autobahn junction.png Århus N M 60  15 

Pfeil unten.svg

Pfeil oben.svg

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