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The 15 is a highway and partly a motorway in Denmark, it leads from Rønde to Herning. Between Rønde and Århus the motorway is known as Djurslandmotorvejen and between Århus and Herning the motorway is known as Herningmotorvejen.

Hitching the 15

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Ramp.png Tåstrup
Ramp.png Rønde Øst
Ramp.png Rønde Vest
(15) Ramp.png Hornslet
(16) Ramp.png Skødstrup
(17) Ramp.png Hjortshøj
(18) Ramp.png Lystrup
(19) Ramp.png Lisbjerg
(19b) Ramp.png Søften
Autobahn junction.png Århus N M 60 M 70
(47) Ramp.png Tilst
Autobahn junction.png Århus V M 60
(21) Ramp.png Harlev
(22) Ramp.png Skovby
(23) Ramp.png Galten
(24) Ramp.png Låsby
the connection between Låsby and Bording
Ramp.png Bording
(37) Ramp.png Ikast Ø
(38) Ramp.png Ikast C
(39) Ramp.png Hi-Park
(40) Ramp.png Hammerum
Autobahn junction.png Herning  18 
Autobahn junction.png Herning S  18 
(41) Ramp.png Lind
(42) Ramp.png Herning V
Ramp.png Studsgård
Ramp.png Snejbjerg V



Danish motorways

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