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<map lat="56.14115026929022" lng="8.984756469726515" zoom="12" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Denmark
State: Midtjylland
Population: 50,000
Licence plate: -
Major roads:  18   15 
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Herning is a city in Denmark.

Hitching out

South/East towards Brande, Give, Horsens, Vejle, Odense, Copenhagen

Take the city bus 2, 5A, 5B or 19 towards Fasterholt, regional bus 77 towards Pårup or 116 towards Horsens, to the stop 'Silkeborgvej v. Golfvej' (the 'v.' meaning 'by'). All of them leave from outside the train station. The driver does not necessarily call out the stops, so you may have to ask him when you get on to tell you where to get off. If he doesn't want to, press the stop button as soon as you see a Q8 gas station on the right and an A-Z supermarket on the left, then he will stop after the next light. From there, keep walking in the direction of the bus (east), and you will come to an on-ramp on your right, with signs towards Esbjerg, Vejle, Silkeborg, Ringkøbing. In the beginning of the ramp there's plenty of space for the cars to stop. Herning is not even that big a city, so you could most likely just walk to the place and save the ticket. It's 2 kilometres from the central bus station.

Your might experience following problems; firstly, most Danes are not too keen on breaking the law by stopping on an on-ramp for your sake. Secondly, the motorway leads in many directions, so you'll probably need a sign!

West towards Ringkøbing and South/West towards Esbjerg

You could probably use the same place as above, just with a different sign, but maybe there's not a lot going that way from there. No other options towards Esbjerg is currently known.

West towards Ringkøbing you could go with bus 15 or 952X, both towards Ringkøbing, or city bus 3, to 'Snejbjerg Hovedgade v. (by) Nordgaden'. The stop is right after a traffic light on the main street of the town Snejbjerg. As with above, you could also just walk. It's an hours walk from the central bus station though, roughly 5.5 kilometres. Walking 1.5 kilometres (further!) on the main street out of Snejbjerg, you'll see a roundabout, where the first road on the right leads to Ringkøbing. You can also try walking just outside of Herning on the east side, and try to catch a ride on Ringkøbingvej towards Snejbjerg (3 kilometres from the central bus station). The cars towards Ringkøbing are going this way anyway, but most cars will go no further than Snejbjerg.

East towards Silkeborg, Aarhus

Again, you could use the on-ramp mentioned in the South/East section. There is no experience registered in this direction yet, as possibilities to get on the motorway other places aren't great. One possibility could be trying th round about on the west side of the city, before road 15 chances into a highway. A third possibility is to try to take the main road (not highway) to Ikast and try to get on the highway towards Aarhus, Silkeborg.

North towards Viborg, Aalborg

Go to Viborgvej by taking city buses 9A or 9B or regional bus 13 towards Skive or 53 towards Viborg and get off at 'Viborgvej v. (by) Holmparken'. From there you walk along Viborgvej in the same direction as the bus, until you get out of town and it's no longer legal to walk along the road. Do it anyway until you get past all the trees on your right side, and there should be plenty of place to stop. You can walk there, it's 2.8 kilometres from the central bus station. You will probably need a sign.