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Flag of Libya Libya
Language: Arabic
Capital: Tripoli
Population: 6,173,579
Currency: Dinar (LYD)
Paved roads: 47,590 km
Hitchability: <rating country='ly' />
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<map lat='27.780771643348196' lng='16.80908203125' zoom='5' view='0' float='right' />

Libya is a country in Northern Africa. As of September 2011, it's very bad news but getting better.

You need an invitation for a visa. Unfortunately, single foreigners traveling the country might be looked at very suspiciously both by Libyan officials and citizens, therefore Western hitchhikers in this country might get a local person who has invited them there into troubles. There are checkpoints when entering and leaving most of the cities. Furthermore it seems that travelling in Libya is only allowed if you travel with professional, organisated, and from the libyan government certified traveling organisations.

Information not verified, see Talk:Libya for more.

Border crossings

  • Sudan: The border is closed since 29th June 2010
  • Egypt: Border is open.
  • Tunesia: Border is open.
  • Algeria: Border is probably closed.


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