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Lleida is a town in the northeast of Spain. Picturesque hills, a river running through characterize the town, and beyond there's some really good rock-climbing out of town.. definitely a worthwhile stopover for any of these reasons. Plus the local Catalan people are cool and friendly.

Hitchhiking out

South to Zaragoza, Madrid

Ask locals for the backstreet roads to Zaragoza (not the expressway). This was a tip given to Matt from locals who knew well this was the better route for the hitchhiker. There will be a Service Station (you might pass one before getting to the right spot) and the roads going out of town. Wait a bit further past the service station, where there's plenty of traffic either driving slow out of there, or driving past the service station (you get seen by all of them waiting here). No need to take a local city bus, if you're near the city center its walkable, no more than a 20 minute walk.

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