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Livingstone is a city in Zambia.

Hitching out

North east towards Lusaka

The distance is approximately 475km. It can easily be done in half a day or less, depending on the form of transport. Heading north out of Livingstone on the Mosi-Oa-Tunya road (Great North Road), there is a Caltex petrol station where trucks can stop and the driver can be approached and asked for a lift, but, the best place is a few km out of town. Walk about 2km out of town past the first lay-by. When heading north, there is a huge concrete water tower in the right hand side of the road to identify this point. Walk another 1 or 2km past this point until you reach a weigh-bridge for the trucks. Roughly 100m past this is a police check-point where they stop the trucks to check documentation. Don't stand there, as they think you are interfering with their job even if you are just pulling something out your backpack. Rather go another 50m down the road to the second lay-by. Directly opposite this, to identify the spot, is an SOS Children’s Village and some other government departments, like the Road Development Agency. You will see the signboards on the property. Approach the drivers at this lay-by and ask them for a lift.

South towards Victoria Falls

The distance is only 11km. Head south out of town along Mosi-Oa-Tunya road. Any spot on this section is fine and the road is good. Depending on how far you walk, you may pass into to national park territory, so stop after 4km max out of town in order to avoid elephants crossing the road near the national park area.

Places to avoid

Avoid hitching near police checkpoints / roadblocks. They will ask you to move, so best stand at least 50 to 100m down the road from them.

Accommodation and Sleep

There are plenty of options in town for various accommodation types to suit your budget.

Other useful info

There are many mango trees in and around Livingstone, and they are an excellent source of free food, so stock up when you're there at the right time.

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