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<map lat='37.10174121753592' lng='-8.674736022949219' zoom='13' view='0' float='right'/> Lagos is a sea-side city, in the west of the Algarve region of Portugal.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Lisbon, Porto and East towards Faro and Spain

From the main avenue, head east towards the main bus station. Walk past the bus station and turn right at the roundabout. Keep following this road and you should end up on the N125, which leads to the A22. If you continue on this road, there are a few good hitching spots, otherwise you can walk about 1 - 2 kilometres farther and you will reach a petrol station. Another point to start your walk to the petrol station could be the harbour, with a supermarket north of it right beside the N125.

Bus 6 or 79 till Vale de Bensafrim bus stop walk forward and after A22 highway is walking path to right side 1 km to Galp Lagos petrol station. Or you can walk 5 km Logos to R. Jardim de Bensafrimsame and you are next to petrol station

West towards Sagres, Villa Do Bispo

Hitching from the center of Lagos will be hard. I have tried it many times, and it seems that the only good way is to walk on the main avenue all the way passing a dozen crossroads until you get to that big roundabout that goes to the motorway towards Faro and Lisbon. Walking from the center of Lagos along that long road will take approx 30minutes. You can try and hitch on the way, but you'll probably have to walk until there. No sign is required as people who stop always ask you where you are going even if you have a sign.

Where to eat

Restaurante Bar Inna at Rua da Oliveira 52 has a selection of daily specials for €5 each. Portions are good making it the best-value restaurant in the centre. The staff are friendly and many buskers eat here.

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