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Koszalin is a city in northwestern Poland, inhabited by more than 100 thousand people. Cars registered in Koszalin have registration plates ZK.

Hitchhiking out

<map lat='54.18695014246174' lng='16.186294555664062' zoom='12' view='0' float='right' />

Southwest towards Szczecin, Berlin (Germany)

  • By national road 6 (E28), from lay-by

From Zwycięstwa street (high street of Koszalin) take bus 6 direction Szczecińska/Pętla and get off at Szczecińska/Syrenki. Walk straight (west) along main road till you get to the junction with traffic lights. Behind the junction there is a lay-by just before rail tracks. There's also petrol station next to the junction.

Northeast towards Słupsk, Gdańsk

  • By national road 6 (E28), from bus stop

From Zwycięstwa street (high street of Koszalin) take bus 11 or 14 direction Oskara Langego/Pętla and get off at Jana Pawła II/Gdańska. Go back to the roundabout cross it and turn left (east). There is a bus stop where you can hitch.

South and southeast towards Poznań, Wrocław and Bydgoszcz, Warszawa

  • By national road 11

From Zwycięstwa street (high street of Koszalin) take bus 8 direction Łubinów and get off at Wilkowo 02 - that's first stop after cemetery - be cautious, it's only on request. You can also get to the last stop by bus 16 direction Gnieźnieńska or Cmentarz from railway station. Walk along the main road to the first bus stop with nice bay after the end of cemetery on your right.

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