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Kłodzko is a town in south-west Poland with a beautiful old town and one fabulous and very mysterious thing - a medieval stronghold. Many people go there so I think some hitching advice will be useful.

Going North, towards Wrocław

You have to go to the north of the town center, you can ask for the road to Wrocław. Don't go to the end of the town. After a few hundred meters you will find a kind of bus station. It's an excellent spot.

Going South towards Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Czech Republic border in Boboszów

Option 1:
Just follow the signs saying "Brno" or "Boboszów" and you will find some good shoulder on the right within 1 - 1.5 km.

Option 2:
There is an exquisite hitchhiking spot, though it might be overcrowded sometimes - many students going home this way instead of waiting an hour for next train. There is a small one-way street just by main railway station (Kłodzko Miasto, and not Kłodzko Główne). You can find it here. If you stick your thumb up, most likely you will get a local ride to Bysrzyca. If you want to go further than that, the best would be to get a ride to Bystrzyca, but not to get into the city, stay at the main road. By there you can hitch easily to the Czech border if you hitch with a sign.