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Bystrzyca Kłodzka is picturesque, though poor town in Dolny Śląsk region, South West of Poland. Beautifully located on the steep riverbanks of Nysa Kłodzka and surrounded by Sudety mountains, attracts many artists coming here for workshops.

Local population is mostly polish - usually originated from east lands, migrated here after the war - and gypsies. It all forms a very real face of poor polish bohemian town, precious for those, who are looking for something real.

Mountains are easily accessible by foot from here.

In the city center you can find very interesting Matches Museum, where you can also buy communistic-design matches boxes - ideal gift for your drivers!

Hitchhiking out

Hitching out is easy, both North (towards Kłodzko and Wrocław) and South (towards Czech Republic). You just have to get to Main road (33) and stick your thumb up.